Verjas modernas: las mejores ideas y diseños Las mejores ideas y diseños de …

Verjas modernas: las mejores ideas y diseños Las mejores ideas y diseños de …


Verjas modernas: las mejores ideas y diseños Las mejores ideas y diseños de verjas modernas para que te inspires y tomes ideas. Cercas: con luces, en cemento, en PVC, ornamentales, en stainless steel.

34 Unique DIY Bath Bombs to Enjoy Bathtime Like Never Before

There is something so special and important about really taking your time to make a bath more than just a means of washing yourself.

Bathtime should be you-time, when you can lock your life outside of the bathroom door, light some candles and just soak in the warm water. Of course, nothing makes this experience quite as luxurious as popping a sweet smelling, skin softening bath bomb into the water around you.

Bath bombs are brilliant for so many reasons. Not only do you get to watch them fizz and spin around the bath, but they transform the water into whatever you choose. What better way to get exactly what you want from a bath bomb than by making your very own?

Whether you prefer something brightly colored and glittery, or something enriching and calming, there is a DIY bath bomb out there for you.

Making your Own Unique Bath Bomb

1. Green Apple Bath Bombs

Green apple is one of the best scents out there in my opinion. It's sweet but not in a sickly sense, and sharp but not in a sour sense.

Not only would these green apple bath bombs leave you smelling divine, they would also look so cute displayed in your bathroom.

2. Milk and Honey Bath Bombs

The sound of this is so luxurious to me. Milk and honey are such relaxing scents, and remind me of warm milk before bed when I was little.

They even look buttery soft and are packed full of ingredients that will have your skin feeling unbelievably smooth in no time.

3. Lemon Vanilla Bath Bombs

Vanilla is one of my all-time favorite scents. Perfumes, room sprays, I have the lot.

I am so excited to add these lemon vanilla bath bombs to my vanilla scented life, and can't wait to see the effect that the citrus has on my favorite scent.

4. Golden Bath Bombs

My inner glitter addict is absolutely living for these golden bath bombs. You can never have enough sparkle in your life.

The idea of getting into a bath to clean yourself, only to come out covered in a layer of shimmer might be some people's idea of hell, but it is most certainly my idea of heaven.

5. Hot Cocoa Bath Bombs

My mom always says that she doesn't like using products that make her smell like a food, but I think even she would love to take a dip in a bath with this hot cocoa bath bomb.

What better time of year to make this than during the festive season, and if I were you I'd have a mug of hot cocoa on the side to drink while I did so.

6. Cold and Sinus Relief Bath Bombs

I live my life in the winter months constantly riddled with the cold, so these cold and sinus relief bath bombs seem right up my street.

Even if you aren't unwell, all the essential oils and ingredients in this bath bomb would be so relaxing.

7. Star Wars Bath Bombs

Your man might tell you that bath bombs are for girls, but I bet you he'll be trying out this death star bath bomb as soon as you've put it into the bathroom.

This one is a lot of fun, and would make a great gift for someone who tries to deny that they love a bit of pampering.

8. Pumpkin Spice Macaron Bath Bombs

What would this time of year be without a little bit of pumpkin spice? Or a lot of pumpkin spice.

I love that these pumpkin spice bath bombs are in the shapes of little macarons, I think it is such a nice touch and they would look so pretty piled up together on the side of the bath.

9. Coconut Oil Bath Bombs

Coconut oil is so good for your skin and always leaves it feeling silky smooth when used in a shower or bath.

This DIY doesn't specify which colors to use, so you can get creative choosing your favorite, or even mixes of different ones.

10. Lemon Bath Fizzies

These lemon bath fizzies would be perfect to use in a morning bath, to really wake you up and get you feeling fresh and energized for the day ahead.

The addition of the zest to add a pop of color to the otherwise white bath bomb is genius to me.

11. Rainbow Sprinkle Bath Bombs

I love the colors and little stars on these rainbow sprinkle bath bombs. They are relatively simple to make and so easy to customise and make your own.

The idea of sitting in a bath surrounded by little stars certainly sounds like a good one to me.

12. Gingerbread Bath Bombs

Who doesn't want these gingerbread bath bombs to make them feel like a life-sized gingerbread man around Christmas time? I know I do.

The scent of gingerbread is yummy all year round, but of course, at this time of year a bathtub full of it is even more inviting.

13. Galaxy Bath Bombs

We've all seen the videos online of someone dropping a bath bomb into their bath, and watched in awe as hundreds of colors and swirls and glitters explode from inside this tiny ball.

Now you can create that all by yourself with this galaxy bath bomb DIY. Just remember to actually get in the bath and not just to sit watching it.

14. Mermaid Lagoon Bath Bombs

With this mermaid lagoon bath bomb, you can completely forget you have legs and just swish your tail around in your very own turquoise sparkly ocean.

The ingredients even include kelp powder, so it is highly authentic.

15. Lavender Bath Bombs

It is hard to find a scent more relaxing than lavender, so if you're using your bath as a way to completely switch off from your hectic life then these lavender bath bombs are the ones for you.

Pop this into your bath in the evening before bed and the scent will be sure to send you off to a sound sleep.

16. Cupcake Bath Bombs

These cupcake bath bombs are so much fun and would make perfect gifts for any age.

You can personalize them however you want, with different colors, decorations, and cupcake cases.

17. Hidden Black Bath Bombs

This idea is very smart, and I think that people who really aren't into pink or floral things would really love the concept of the prettiness on the outside disappearing to reveal the hidden black bath bomb.

I'm not sure how it would feel having a bath in completely black water, but it is something that I am willing to try.

18. Peppermint Snowflake Bath Bombs

These peppermint snowflake bath bombs are said in this DIY to be like those from Disney's Frozen, which makes them perfect for kids.

They are also a very pretty design and idea for anyone beyond the Frozen obsessed age, however, and the smell of peppermint is a lovely one.

19. Iridescent Pearl Bath Bombs

This just looks like a piece of art to me, and I will most definitely be making myself more than one of these iridescent pearl bath bombs.

All the different colors and shimmers merged together gives the perfect illusion of a real pearl, and that along with the rose fragrance would be heavenly to dive right into.

20. Dinosaur Discovery Bath Bombs

Now, these dinosaur discovery bath bombs may not be something you would reach for yourself during a night of pampering, but they're a great idea for kids.

Especially if they don't like their baths, they will be excited to find out what they'll find inside the egg as it dissolves, and because they're intended for kids the ingredients are not harsh on their skin.

21. Lavender Lemon Allergy Relief Bath Bombs

Allergies aren't necessarily tormenting us at this time of year, but this DIY for lavender lemon allergy relief bath bombs is a good one to have bookmarked for when the warmer months return.

Even I, not a sufferer of allergies, want to make these bath bombs, as the scent combination sounds pretty perfect.

22. Geode Bath Bombs

These geode inspired bath bombs are so mesmerizing. I feel like this is something you could make even if you aren't a fan of using bath bomb because they would be just as amazing used as bathroom decorations as they would be in the bath itself.

I for one would put these literally all around my house.

23. Tropical Mani Bath Bombs

Tropical scents are some of my absolute favorites, and they are the best way of transporting yourself to somewhere hot and sunny during the colder months when you can't physically go there.

Pop one of these tropical mani bath bombs in your bath, close your eyes and I guarantee you won't be able to tell the difference between your tub and a tropical island sea.

24. Slice of Cake Bath Bombs

My only issue with this cake bath bomb is that I would most definitely eat it by accident. That is how yummy it looks.

I love that it is absolutely covered in ‘icing' and ‘sprinkles', it makes the overall effect so realistic and fun.

25. Valentine's Day Bath Bombs

I know the name specifies that these are 14th of February bath bombs, but I am a firm believer that every day is self-love day.

These rose and eucalyptus bath bombs look so beautiful with the dried rose petals mixed through, and once the outside dissolves you will be left surrounded by them floating in the water.

26. Ice Cream Cone Bath Bombs

These little ice cream cone bath bomb are so cute.

Make them for your kids or for yourself, picking your favorite ice cream flavors to recreate, and topping them with sprinkles and decorations.

27. Grapefruit Bath Bombs

The scent of grapefruit is so zesty and energizing, popping this into your bath will help you feel revitalized.

With the health benefits of grapefruit essential oils plus the lovely pink color, this grapefruit bath bomb is an easy but lovely addition to a bath.

28. Beauty and the Beast Bath Bombs

I don't care what anyone says, Disney is for all ages.

Even if you aren't a Disney fan, although if you say that you are just in denial, these beauty and the beast bath bombs are undeniably beautiful, with that bright red rose amongst the joyous yellow bath bomb.

29. Strawberry Bath Bombs

The scent of strawberry is an all-around winner, and it is difficult to find someone who doesn't love it.

I personally would love to smell like I had just been picked straight from the patch after a bath, so this strawberry bath bomb DIY recipe is definitely something that I am looking forward to trying out.

30. Matcha Green Tea Bath Bombs

I feel like you see matcha everywhere nowadays, so why not continue that trend in the bathroom with these matcha green tea bath bombs.

The swirled effect on the outside gives them a little something extra, so they are not just a plain green color.

31. Salted Caramel Bath Bombs

Salted caramel is absolutely divine, both in flavor and in scent. That is not to say that I advise you to eat these salted caramel bath bombs.

I love that ice cream flavoring is used in this DIY, so you can emerge from the bath smelling like a sundae.

32. Donut Bath Bombs

I am obsessed with how these donut bath bombs look. I doubt my own abilities to make them look this beautiful but I will definitely be giving them a go.

I am such a girly girl, so I love all the pink and gold loveliness, but you could easily swap out the colors to match your own preferences.

33. Oatmeal Bath Bombs

These oatmeal bath bombs might not look the prettiest, but the benefits of the ingredients on your skin make that fact irrelevant.

Oatmeal is perfect for soothing any skin irritations and is gentle on the most sensitive of skin. These bath bombs would be perfect for any kids suffering from painful eczema.

34. Orange Bath Bombs

Of course, you could make these orange bath bombs in any shaped mold that you would like to, but I really love the little flower shapes that have been used in this DIY.

Orange is a perfect mix of sweet and citrusy, and I can imagine that this bath bomb would turn your water a lovely shade of peach.


As you have seen, there really are so many options out there to really jazz up your bath-time, and you don't even have to leave your house to do so. One night you could take a dip in what smells like freshly made hot cocoa, the next you could transport yourself to a multicolored galaxy beyond the stars and stresses of life.

I think the first bath bomb I am going to give a go is the tropical mani, as I am definitely a summer lover, and I am missing the golden rays in these chilly months. For days I am embracing the cold however, I am looking straight towards that gingerbread bath bomb DIY.

Where do you want your bath bomb to transport you to? Do you have any other tips and tricks for how to make your bath into a sweetly scented haven?

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