#plants #backyard #landscaping #patio #Best #Backyard

#plants #backyard #landscaping #patio #Best #Backyard


#plants #backyard #landscaping #patio #Best #Backyard

Upcycled: Watering Wine Bottle

Last Updated on June 29, 2018

Got empty wine bottles? If you have a garden or growing some produce, then this is the wine bottle project for you – especially if you live in a hot and dry place…

Watering Wine Bottle

Your own version of watering globes! You can always find and buy watering globes from stores, but this idea is way better for a number of (obvious) reasons. :)

It’s an upcycling project! You can never go wrong with bringing new purpose to ‘trash’ instead of letting them pile up in landfill. And they’re free! If you don’t have any empty bottles with you, you can always ask from friends, or at the most buy for a very, very cheap price.

These watering wine bottles do not only serve to make sure your plants are hydrated, they also help to identify your plants since you’ll be labeling them with etching cream.

Now you have a sturdier and beautiful ‘watering globe’. What do you say we get this started and put as many of these watering bottles you want all over your yard? :D

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DIY Wine Bottle Waterer

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