Ideas para Decorar el Patio Frontal de tu Hogar

Ideas para Decorar el Patio Frontal de tu Hogar


Ideas para Decorar el Patio Frontal de tu Hogar

17 Unique and Adorable Ways to Wrap Gifts for the Holidays

The holidays are definitely the most favorite time of the year around our house.

For us, it's not about the gifts but about the entire feel of the season. We love to be crafty and decorate, to listen to the music, to enjoy the different food.

Here lately it seems that when I start looking for gifts, I see more and more cute ways to wrap each gift.

Here is an extensive list of some of the cutest gift wrapping ideas I have seen. I hope that this guide gives you some fun ideas for wrapping your Christmas or holiday gifts.

Beautiful Fun Ways to Wrap Gifts

1. Polka Dot It

I love this creative idea. If you can find some blank gift wrap paper for super cheap, the author of this blog post shows you how to make polka dots using an eraser on a pencil and an ink pad.

At first, it seems a little bit time consuming but it looks like so much fun, especially If you are the creative type like me. Want to make it extra fun? Get some more of your crafty friends together, play Christmas music and have everyone bring their own paper, ink pad, pencils and sweet treats.

Added bonus? Everyone could bring a different color wrapping paper and ink pad for lots of fun varieties!

2. Milk Carton Gift Box

How cute are these? Emma at Gathering Beauty came up with this idea after she got a scoreboard for Christmas.

Likewise, a few years ago I got a Cricut and found out about making pop up cards and how much fun it was (another post, I promise). These milk carton gift boxes are not much different.

Maybe you don't have the special equipment. That's okay, just go ahead and hop over to her site because she gives a great template you can use.

How cute would this be for a small gift? Shoot, I would probably keep this and put trinkets or pencils in it as well!

3. Candy Bar Wrapper

Full candy bars are not typically under the tree gifts but I just couldn't help but add them to the list.

Even if they just go in stockings, there is something magical about opening a gift no matter how small.

Not to mention that these characters are super cute, not too difficult to make, and will make even the grumpiest of Scrooges smile. My only regret is that they would soon be gone.

Check it out here.

4. You Spin My Fun Right Round

Holly over at A Baker's House created this idea using Pringles cans. They are perfect for small items like candy, jewelry, even a t-shirt. You could get creative here as to what you put in the can.

My only suggestion is that you seal the lid well or use it in last minute stocking stuffers because nosey little ones are sure to want to pry it open early.

5. Double Up

A couple of months ago, my daughter and I made an outfit for her friend's birthday. We also purchased a book.

We were thinking about gift wrap ideas when I decided to wrap the book with the dress and put the bow as a final touch.

My daughter loved it and the little girl was so surprised when we showed her that the wrapping was part of the present.

Lisa and Sarah over at A Spoonful of Sugar does a great job of showing how to use fabric as part of a gift wrapping experience.

6. For the Coffee Lover

This adorable gift card holder is perfect for the coffee lover. Simply buy a travel coffee mug, either hot or cold, add some padding with the gift card inside and wa-la!

Keeping it a little more on the cheap side, this person decided to ask for a disposable coffee mug and used tissue paper to hide the card inside.

Just like with the outfit wrapping this doubles as two gifts in one.

7. For the People You Know

If you have someone you are close to and you are planning on getting a few small things they have been wanting, this would be a great idea.

For example, my youngest daughter is very into LOL balls. I could purchase several of these and add a small thing of legos in the package and I would have a very happy little girl.

And, doesn't this package make you want to sing, “These are a few of my favorite things….”?

Check this and many other great holiday ideas out over at Holidappy.

8. Gifts in My Back Pocket

I love these brown bags even more than the last one that I wrote about. Not that they are nicer but I just like the handle. So long as you don't have anything in it that would be super heavy, this could be really cute.

I am honestly not sure if she sewed this on or glued it but either way Rebecca over at Older and Wisor made it look super adorable. You could add in something to make it look a little more festive for the holidays in the pocket such as candy canes or another form of a holiday treat.

It would look great under a rustic tree, I just give the same piece of advice that I did before – don't put it under the tree long term and be wary of nosey kids both big and small.

9. Wrapped Up in You

I like the idea of giving this treat to my sister and sister in laws. Some of the gifts are shown but this is for the picture. If you shove the items deep in the slippers than it will seem as if they are just getting a nice pair of comfortable slippers to wear and they will love it when they reach inside and find out all the extra goodies that are hidden within.

Sarah over at Pretty Providence did a great job on this post. It's super cute. The only thing I'd add, and it's because I saw it somewhere else, is the tag would say “MistleTOES”.

10. Think Big

Growing a Jeweled Rose showed off this great idea for a gift wrapping session. You could put smaller gifts that are still wrapped in here as well. One year “Santa” left a package as big as the bottom one on our doorstep filled with wrapped gifts. The girls loved opening those gifts as well as the ones that we had bought them (PS-Santa was our neighbors).

The nose would not be hard to make, simply roll an orange piece of construction paper and glue it on. I am sure that the article gives you step by step instructions.

If you get extra creative you could do a Mr. and Mrs. – one on each side.

11. Don't Bounce

The Tip Garden author came up with this idea and it is perfect for those who like to crochet.

Crocheting gifts that are wrapped would be one way to keep yourself preoccupied at one point but then you shouldn't need to purchase wrapping paper for a long time as they simply peel it off, give it back to the “wrapper”, and wa-la! Gifts that self-wrap almost over and over again.

Plus, it really helps with clean up!

12. The Cookie Exchange Gift

When I was growing up cookie exchanges at Christmas time were all the rage. I remember my mother making several batches of cookies and then coming home with different ones after the work day was over. I couldn't resist all the tasty treats.

Still today, I love bringing cookies to people no matter what time of year, though the holidays seem to make it just a little bit cozier. Autumn over at It's Always Autumn came up with this great idea of taking a paper plate and shaping it into a cookie holder, wrapping the plate with a pretty ribbon and decorating in whatever way the wrapper artist wanted.

13. Starry Eyed

This one uses poster paper and a sewing machine. You could put something small in these and add cute confetti for a surprise that both the gift giver and the gift receiver will love. I cannot get over the cuteness of these and look forward to making some myself. I get the feeling my little ones will want to help!

To get the full tutorial, check it out here.

14. Box It Up

Using a wooden box would not be ideal for every gift, unless you decided that it would be similar to the crochet where the gift is given and the package stays behind. For a wood carver, this would be an easy task, something that could be done throughout the course of a year, and then stashed away until the following Christmas.

But for a special gift, the box would be nice to give to the receiver. Plus, you never know just how much the box itself might become special to the person.

My husband had a box that was given to him as a part of a gift and now we have all of our first memories- mementos, receipts from the lunch on our wedding day, tickets to concerts we have been to and more. That box is still valuable to us and he doesn't remember what the gift was that was originally in it.

Architectural Digest is the one who created this idea, so be sure to check them out!

15. Light Me Up

String lights are becoming all the rage and Target typically has them for super cheap. There are many different ways to use the lights but I have to say that Johnathan Fong over at ehow came up with one of the cutest ideas I have seen using the string lights creatively.

Added bonus that it is super easy to make.

We buy our Christmas paper when it is ninety percent off so that helps keep the price down. Then adding construction paper with cut out holes and you have Christmas lights on your tree. Turn the lights on when handing the receiver the gift for a nice surprise.

16. Reindeer

Here's another one where you are turning a plain jane set of paper and simply adding the face of a reindeer. Laura McClean over at Party Delights blog came up with this cute idea. It is cool because she took the small concept of the candy bar and turns it over, putting it on a larger scale.

All the little ones would fall for this. Making the tree look extra cute, you could have the snowmen on each side and the reindeer all around. There are also those Santas that climb the ladder. This would add such a cute touch to a Christmas tree and would be sure to lift the spirits of anyone who sees it!

The only real issue, in my opinion, is that the boxes would have to be held upright instead of leaning on each other, half propped up which is how my gifts are normally placed.

17. Starry Night

This Pinterest picture, that we can attest to Ashley Ha, is so cute. It is one that I think my oldest daughter would love doing.

SImply use black paper and a gold sharpie and you have created a gift that would be extra special.

I love the fact that the stars don't have to be universal in size and shape either. It adds to the cuteness of the wrapping paper that each star is unique.

The cord string is a nice touch as well. Sometimes it is the small things.


Gifts are special and the presentation helps give them an extra feeling of warmth. Adding wrapping paper that matches the tree makes it look nice as well. Indeed, the wrapping on the gifts helps the entire house look put together to make the perfect holiday celebration.

Then there is the fun aspect, wrapping, eating, and listening to Christmas music with the people that you love.

It all boils down to this: So long as you look at it in this manner, gift wrapping is another way to add to the warmth of the holiday season.

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