Fotos Para Tus Portadas 2 – 3°

Fotos Para Tus Portadas 2 – 3°


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20 Stylish DIY Carport Plans That Will Protect Your Car from the Elements

Do you have to leave your cars sitting out in the elements because you have nowhere else to park them?

If so, then you are going to want to tune into this post. I’ll be sharing some of the internet’s best plans and designs to inspire you or help you to build the carport of your dreams.

Plus, I understand what it is like looking for that perfect carport. We are actually in the process of searching for that ourselves, as our new place doesn’t have an attached garage of any kind.

So we are on the hunt too. This is what I’ve come up with:

Why a Carport?

Before we dive into all of the internet’s best carport designs and inspirations, let’s discuss why you would choose to go with a carport over a garage?

Or why you would even invest in a carport at all?

1. Less Money

A carport obviously would be a much smaller investment than investing in building an attached or detached garage.

So if you are working on a budget, but still need a way to protect your car, then a carport might be the most cost-effective way for you to go.

2. Saves Your Car

Why should you invest in anything? Well, because it saves your car. The longer you leave your car sitting out in the elements, the more the paint fades, hail and other natural elements beat down on it, and it is totally unprotected from wind damage or snow and ice.

So if you would like to drive your car for years to come, then you need to take as good care of it as you can. This means that if you have the means to park it where it is covered, then this would be a good thing to do.

3. Looks Nice

Carports are actually a nice addition to your home. They can be built as simple or lavish as you desire. Not to mention, if you build it yourself, it should help your home value go up. We were told in our moving process, that any structure that cannot be removed from the property is counted in the appraisal.

So if you choose to go with a carport that is literally anchored in the ground, then it should count towards your home’s value as well. Be sure to double check with an appraiser to make sure this same rule still applies in your situation.

Here are Stylish Carport Plans:

1. Single Carport with Storage

These are very detailed plans to help you build a single carport with a storage section. Not only will this protect your car, but it will also give you an additional place to store anything you might need.

Plus, if you built it close enough to your home, it would almost be like having a small garage. This would definitely be a great convenience to have.

Check out this carport

2. 2 Car Carport with Storage

These carport plans look like a nice addition to any home. It has room for 2 vehicles and also has additional storage as well.

So if you need room for both of your vehicles and want to add some storage to the outside of your home too, then you’ll want to check this out.

[The site we sourced the plan from is having some technical difficulties. Hopefully the plan above will give you a good starting point at least.]

Check out this carport

3.  The 3 Car Carport

This carport definitely has a different feel to it. First, it has the ability to comfortably hold three cars. This is a great feature to have if you have multiple cars, or even if you have a few toys that you’d like to keep covered.

But this carport also has a log cabin feel to it as well. This carport did not come with a tutorial, but hopefully, it will inspire you.

Check out this carport

4. The Wooden Carport

This carport is unique as it has a slanted roof. It is also meant to hold only one car as well, but you could probably figure out how to change that if you desired.

But this carport is so great because it comes with actual plans that also include a materials list and great instructions too.

Check out this carport

5. Shipping Container Carport and Storage

Do you like to upcycle items into new things that you’ll use? If so, then this carport could be for you. It is an old shipping container.

Then they transformed it into a carport with storage. It would look neat and be functional too.

Check out this carport

6. The Wooden Detached Carport

This carport is very similar to what I would like to build in the near future at my own home. It looks nice and also simple enough to DIY.

Plus, it has room for multiple cars, which makes it a nice addition to most properties. So if you’d like a simple but sharp looking carport, then you should check this one out.

Check out this carport

7. 3 Car Carport Plans

Do you have multiple cars? If so, then you might need a larger than average carport. Look no further than where you are at because we’ve got the plans for you.

So this carport has the space for three vehicles, and it also comes with helpful plans that could assist you with the build.

Check out this carport

8. The Solar Carport

This carport is meant for inspiration only as it doesn’t come with a tutorial. But if you look close, I think most of us would agree that it is a unique carport.

So this carport can be made as large or small as you like, but the cool thing is it can also help you be self-sufficient as the roof is meant to hold your solar panels.

Check out this carport

9. 26×26 Carport

I love this carport idea because it is one large space. This space could be multi purpose and an asset to most homes.

So when you need to park multiple cars under the carport, it could be there for that. Then when you’d like to host a gathering, it would make a great place to gather or even to have a picnic.

Check out this carport

10. RV Carport

I can only hope that I’ll need one of these one day, but for those of you that are fortunate enough to need one, here it is.

So if you haven’t already guessed, it is an extra tall carport that is meant to hold and protect your RV. It also has additional storage space as well.

Check out this carport

11. The 2 Bay Carport

This carport has 2 bays which means it will hold multiple vehicles. It also has an extra space for storage which is always a welcomed addition to most homes.

Plus, this design can either be used as inspiration or the plans can actually be purchased, if you feel you may need them. Either way, this carport is a solid and traditional design that would fit in on most properties.

Check out this carport

12. The Lean-To

This lean-to carport is meant to be attached to the side of a garage or off of the side of your home. If you would like to have a carport that is attached to your permanent structure, then you’ll be interested in this.

But not only is it a great idea, they offer lots of pictures and the steps to actually help you accomplish this goal.

Check out this carport

13. Double Carport with ½ Bay Storage

This carport is another one I really like. I love the finished wood look. I think it allows it to fit into most any home design no matter how rustic your home décor may be, or how modern your home is.

Plus, I love the fact that it can hold two cars since a lot of families have more than one car today. It also has a place for added storage which is always a great addition, in my opinion.

Check out this carport

14. The Regal Carport

This carport looks rather fancy. It has the nice décor at the top of it, and it also is constructed from wood and brick, which is a nice addition.

So if you’d like a carport that looks a little fancier than most, then you’ll definitely want to check this one out.

Check out this carport

15. The Elegant Carport

This carport is another one that has a nice finished look, but not so fancy that it wouldn’t fit in at most properties.

Plus, it appears to be functional as well since it has room for multiple cars. So if you are looking for a nicer carport, then this could be it.

Check out this carport

16. The Pole Barn Carport

This carport is basically a pole barn with an additional storage space in the back. This is another example of what I’m looking for on my own property.

But I really like this design because it will fit in around most homesteads or country properties. Plus, it has room for multiple cars and additional storage too.

Check out this carport

17. The Free Standing Carport

Most people do build free standing carports so that way you can place them anywhere you like on your property.

So if you need just a basic, wooden, free standing carport, then these plans could be for you. They offer simple instructions to help you along the way.

Check out this carport

18. The Lean-To #2

This is another set of plans to build a lean-to carport. Though the other option gave you real life pictures, this option gives you plans and a materials list.

So maybe with both sets of resources, you’ll have a much easier build and end up with a great looking carport.

Check out this carport

19. The Attached Carport

I’ve shared another example of an attached carport as well. This one is just a little more detailed so I thought someone with a need for detailed pictures, plans, and materials list might enjoy this version.

So if you are looking to build a carport that is actually attached to your home, then you might want to give these plans a quick glance.

Check out this carport

20. The Freestanding 2 Car Carport

This carport is another one that takes on the shape of a pole barn. You can finish it out any way that you like though.

But if you are in the market for a two car carport that comes with detailed plans and a materials list, then you’ll definitely want to check this one out.

Check out this carport

Well, you now have 20 different options to help you build your dream carport on your property and a few solid reminders as to why you might want to make the investment.

But we’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter. Do you think a carport is a good investment? Why? If you do, do you own a carport? What are the perks that you’ve discovered? Do you have any pointers to someone considering building one on their own?

We love hearing from you all so please leave us your thoughts in the space provided below.

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