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54 Fantastic Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin Carving Ideas to Inspire You

Are you ready for Halloween? There are lots to do. Costumes to prepare, fun food to make, but perhaps the most important and fun aspect is decorating your pumpkins.

You know, back when I was a kid, we all created just a basic Jack-o-lantern, but those days have long passed.

Now, there are so many unique Jack-o-lantern ideas that flood the internet, it is hard to go with the traditional way of decorating a pumpkin.

So that is why I’m going to bring you some of the internet’s best Jack-o-lantern ideas. Some will have tutorials, some will have printables to recreate the look, and some will just be for inspiration.

But hopefully, you’ll find the perfect design for your Jack-o-lantern this year. Also, I’m going to include a few fun jack-o-lantern inspired food inspirations as well. Who says you can only decorate a pumpkin like a jack-o-lantern?

Fantastic Jack-O-Lantern Ideas

Here are the ideas I’ve found to share with you:

1. The ‘Backside’ of a Pumpkin

I had to start off with this idea. There is no tutorial, unfortunately. Yet, it is just too funny and would certainly catch most people’s eyes.

So if you are looking for a funny Jack-o-lantern idea, then you’ll definitely want to check this one out.

See this Jack-o-lantern idea

2. An Apple Core

This is a really cute way to decorate a pumpkin for your front porch. It is also very inexpensive to do. According to the post, you’ll just need to purchase some paint which is only a few dollars.

Plus, it looks pretty easy to carve out as well. So if you want unique, then consider this idea.

See this Jack-o-lantern idea

3. The Hamburger Pumpkin

This pumpkin idea is really unique and quite adorable too. If you love hamburgers, then why not decorate your pumpkin like one.

So there is actually a great tutorial to help you too. All the more reason to recreate this idea.

See this Jack-o-lantern idea

4. The Wifi is Down

This pumpkin idea is another one that is sure to get a few chuckles from those who pass by.

So if you want to create a truly scary pumpkin, then broadcast that you have no wifi in glowing lights.

See this Jack-o-lantern idea

5. Baby on the Way

Are you pregnant and plan on finding out what gender you are having around Halloween? If so, then you’ll love this pumpkin.

So you’ll actually carve a pumpkin and light it up as part of your gender reveal. Pretty neat, huh?

See this Jack-o-lantern idea

6. Pumpkin Pi

This is a really clever idea for carving your pumpkin. If you love pumpkin pie, then you must carve a pumpkin with the pi symbol.

So this may not be for everyone, but I thought it was rather clever.

See this Jack-o-lantern idea

7. Starbucks Templates

This website contains templates for both Starbucks coffee and their symbol. So if you love Starbucks, then this could be a great idea for your pumpkin this year.

If nothing else, I’m sure many adults will get a chuckle out of it.

See this Jack-o-lantern idea

8. Sweet M&M’s Pumpkin

Would you like to have a unique pumpkin idea to sit on your front porch or even to use as a centerpiece? But you really don’t want to have to carve much?

Well, then you’ll love this idea. The large pumpkin looks like a bowl while the smaller pumpkins are made to look like M&M’s.

See this Jack-o-lantern idea

9. The Mickey Mouse Pumpkin

Halloween should be a fun time, but for small children sometimes it can be scary. So why not create a pumpkin they’ll love instead of one that scares them?

If you fit into this category, then consider this Mickey Mouse pumpkin idea. It is really cute!

See this Jack-o-lantern idea

10. A Heart Beat Pumpkin

This pumpkin is great for those that want to represent their spiritual beliefs in their pumpkin décor.

So if this represents your belief, then you might really like the template to recreate it for your front porch.

See this Jack-o-lantern idea

11.  Light of the World Pumpkin

I live in an area where it is very common for people to use Halloween to share their beliefs with others. It is also really unique to see some of the ideas they come up with to get their message out.

Well, I thought this idea was very interesting because it is a back projecting pumpkin. You could use this idea for many designs during Halloween, but I thought this was definitely worth the share.

See this Jack-o-lantern idea

12. The Tin Man Pumpkin

Do you love ‘The Wizard of Oz?’ If so, then you’ll really appreciate this pumpkin. It looks pretty easy to recreate.

But it would definitely be a design that would catch a lot of attention.

See this Jack-o-lantern idea

13. Sound the Alarm

I love this pumpkin idea. It is really unique and quite cute. If you love clocks, then you may want to recreate this idea.

But I think I love it so much because I had a grandfather that built clocks and absolutely loved them. So I definitely appreciate this design.

See this Jack-o-lantern idea

14. The Octopus Jack-o-Lantern

This jack-o-lantern would be great for those who love octopus or who plan on having a nautical theme.

So if this describes you, then you may definitely want to use this design as inspiration.

See this Jack-o-lantern idea

15. The Haunted Carousel

This design for a pumpkin is really unique and will take a lot of artistic ability, and was the winner of a 2010 pumpkin carving contest.

So if you are feeling artistic, then take on this design idea for a great pumpkin this year.

See this Jack-o-lantern idea

16. Winnie the Pooh

Do you have a child in your home that loves Winnie the Pooh? I totally get it because I used to love Winnie the Pooh too.

Well, why not decorate a pumpkin like Winnie the Pooh to make Halloween less scary and tons more fun for them?

See this Jack-o-lantern idea

17. Nemo Pumpkin

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming. How encouraging was that little Disney Movie, “Finding Nemo?”

Well, keep up with the positivity and create a pumpkin that looks just like little Nemo. It looks pretty easy to do too.

See this Jack-o-lantern idea

18. Tinker Bell Pumpkin

This pumpkin carving looks pretty simple to do, yet it is still really gorgeous to look at.

Plus, it actually has a tutorial to help you along with the process. So if you want a unique pumpkin design, then check this out.

See this Jack-o-lantern idea

19. Minnie Mouse Pumpkin

This is a great pumpkin design idea but will require some artistic skill as there isn’t a real tutorial.

But if you can get the facial expressions down right, then the rest looks pretty simple to figure out from there.

See this Jack-o-lantern idea

20. The Nautical Pumpkins

These pumpkins are actually hand designed and shipped to you, for those that aren’t into recreating things.

But if you are rather artistic and just need some inspiration, then these pumpkins are a great place to start for a nautical theme this Halloween.

See this Jack-o-lantern idea

21. The Cupcake Pumpkin

Are you a baker? Then why not decorate your pumpkins to match your hobby or business?

Well, thanks to this design you can. There is no tutorial, but it looks rather simple to figure out. So give it a try this Halloween.

See this Jack-o-lantern idea

22. Cheshire Cat Carving Template

This is a great idea for anyone that loves Alice in Wonderland. If you would like to decorate or carve a pumpkin like the Cheshire cat, then you’ll love this template.

Because it not only makes a cute pumpkin, but it makes making a cute pumpkin a little easier.

See this Jack-o-lantern idea

23. Despicable Me Pumpkins

This is a really fun idea if you have kids that love Minions. If so, then you’ll have to have one large pumpkin to look like Cru and then smaller pumpkins to paint like Minions.

So if you want a fun, yet simple idea, then you should check this one out. There is no template, but it doesn’t appear to be super difficult either.

See this Jack-o-lantern idea

24. A Pineapple Pumpkin

Are you dreaming of warmer days or island living? Well, don’t get the blues. Instead, carve your pumpkin with a pineapple in it to at least feel like you are on an island.

Then you can dream of those warm days coming back again every time you light the pumpkin and the pineapple glows.

See this Jack-o-lantern idea

25. Aerial Pumpkin Carvings

This is an idea that is great if you have an amazing artistic ability. The link below will take you to the artist that actually created this pumpkin.

This pumpkin was featured along with other Little Mermaid carvings as well. They will hopefully inspire you.

See this Jack-o-lantern idea

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