40 beautiful and best landscaping ideas 36

40 beautiful and best landscaping ideas 36


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How to Make Paper Wisteria

Last Updated on December 17, 2018

This is one DIY project that gives a really beautiful result.This is one DIY project that gives a really beautiful result.

I honestly could not remember what I was doing during our art classes way back when I was still in school. First, I am not creative – at all. Second, I couldn’t even make a straight line, even with a ruler. Third, it’s just not my thing.

Everything turned 180 degrees when I had kids. I’m really hands-on when it comes to their parties. In fact, I DIY most of the decorations. Tassel banners? I’ve done that. Letter standees? Easy-peasy.

Breathtaking, aren't they?Breathtaking, aren’t they?

The planning and conceptualization really takes most of my time. Obviously, each birthday has a theme. We see to it, though, that most of our decors may be reused.

One of my favorite DIYs is the paper wisteria. It’s not hard to make, even grade-schoolers can do it themselves. It can really blend in different party themes and may actually be used as a house decoration. My daughter’s teacher even had them put up in her classroom.

This is one of the most basic – but really useful – crafts.


  • Colored paper
  • Small beads/pearls
  • 22 gauge wire


  • Glue gun
  • Scissors/cutting machine
  • Rolling tool and mat

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