30+ Fantastic Outfit Ideas To Beat The Summer Heat

30+ Fantastic Outfit Ideas To Beat The Summer Heat


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26 Clothesline Ideas to Hang Dry Your Clothes and Save You Money

Do you miss the old days?

Remember when days moved a little slower, and we could get outside and enjoy our chores?

Well, those days don’t have to be over and done with, and you can still put a little joy into your daily tasks.

For instance, doing laundry isn’t so bad when you can get out in the sunshine to hang them up to dry and take them down.

But before you can begin to line dry your clothes, you first need a clothesline.

So I’m bringing you a bunch of clothesline ideas to help you find the perfect one for you. Don’t delay in choosing your preferred clothesline. There is sunshine to be enjoyed and money to be saved in line drying.

Here are your Clothesline Ideas:

1. The Alberto Clotheshorse

pretty clothesline ideaspretty clothesline ideas

These clothesline ideas are unique and modern in appearance, but still does the same old fashioned job. It actually kind of resembles a cactus in my eyes.

So if you are looking for a modern clothesline ideas that will still get the job done, then you may want to consider looking into this option.

Try this clothesline idea

2. The Rotary Clothesline

practical clothesline ideaspractical clothesline ideas

The rotary clothesline is a classic, but is actually an ingenious design. If you want clothesline ideas with lots of space, but one that won’t use that space all of the time, then this could be for you.

Basically, a rotary clothesline pops up into a large circular canopy. It can hold a lot of clothing and move around in a circle for your convenience. When done, you simply put it down.

Try this clothesline idea

3. Clothesline on a Building

efficient clothesline ideasefficient clothesline ideas

Do you have an outbuilding that gets a good amount of sunlight on one side? Well, don’t waste that space.

Instead, use this clothesline idea to build a space-saving clothesline off of the side of it. That way if you don’t have a large yard with space to spare, you can still have a clothesline.

Try this clothesline idea

4. DIY Clothesline with Pulley System

Building your own clothesline doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Especially when you have this great tutorial to help you along.

But these clothesline ideas takes it one step further. It has a pulley system on the clothesline to make hanging your clothes up and taking them down a little easier.

Try this clothesline idea

5. DIY Wall Mounted Drying Rack

wall mounted clothesline ideaswall mounted clothesline ideas

Do you live in a smaller area or in a city where you don’t have much of a yard if any? Well, don’t think this article excludes you.

In fact, you can use this tutorial to build these large and amazing drying racks. When in use, they fold out in your laundry room. When not, they simply fold flat back onto the wall.

Try this clothesline idea

6. The Garden Glove Drying Rack

gloved clothesline ideasgloved clothesline ideas

You’ll have to use the picture to help you figure this one out as there is no tutorial, but if you ever find yourself needing a space to dry smaller outdoor items, then this could be a good fit.

Basically, you just need a board and a couple pieces of string to hang your garden gloves from. Then you can decorate it to suit your taste.

Try this clothesline idea

7. Trellis Clothesline

Who says you can’t garden and dry clothes simultaneously? With this clothesline idea, you certainly can.

But you’ll need to build two sturdy trellises first. Then you run your clothesline between the two. Finally, you plant whatever flower or plant you’d like to have near you while doing laundry.

Try this clothesline idea

8. Portable Clothesline

This clothesline is a great idea for those that want to dry their clothes outdoors no matter where they are at.

Or for those that need a clothesline they can take up and down in order to save space. This one pops right up while in use and then comes down when not.

Try this clothesline idea

9. Clothesline for Small Spaces

This clothesline is another great option for those with little space to spare. It requires only a few basic items to make it happen.

Plus, this clothesline can come down when not in use as well. So if you are working with limited space, then you’ll definitely want to check this out.

Try this clothesline idea

10. The Two for One Clothesline

Who says a clothesline has to be a boring post in the ground? It doesn’t, and this article proves it.

So with this clothesline, they made two wooden garden sculptures, then hung the clothesline in between them. It’s actually a pretty neat idea.

Try this clothesline idea

11. Upper Deck Clothesline

Do you have a raised deck or even a two story deck? If so, then you should put that space to work for you.

So if you have this set-up, you’ll just need to build a clothesline that is removed from the deck a little bit. Then you have the perfect (and convenient) space to dry clothes.

Try this clothesline idea

12. Fence Clothesline

If you have a privacy fence in your yard, then you can easily make it work for you with this clothesline design.

Basically, you just build the clotheslines to where it pops off of the fence. Then hang your clothes on it.

Try this clothesline idea

13. Canopy Clothesline

This clothesline is a really neat idea. It has a canopy built over and a hammock underneath it.

Yet, there still appears to be enough room to hang clothes on it as well. Talk about a versatile set-up to have in your yard.

Try this clothesline idea

14. Crib Spring Drying Rack

This is a great way to repurpose a crib spring that you may not be using anymore. You just paint it any color you want to.

Then you hang it from the ceiling. That way you can simply hang clothes from it while you are sorting out the laundry.

Try this clothesline idea

15. The DIY Simple Clothesline

This clothesline is super simple. If you have a fence line on either side of your yard, or simply two posts, then you can easily install this clothesline.

All you’ll need to do is put a hook on either side. Then attach the clothesline to both hooks when in use. Finally, you’ll take down the clothesline when not in use.

Try this clothesline idea

16. The Invisible Clothesline

disguised clothesline ideasdisguised clothesline ideas

This is such a neat idea. This blogger had to come up with an ‘invisible’ clothesline because of her HOA rules.

Well, they hid their clothesline by hanging it between two planters right outside of her kitchen window. Such a neat idea.

Try this clothesline idea

17. Trellis Clothesline

Here are free plans to help you build this amazing trellis clothesline. I love the way it looks with the basic wood because it just looks so clean and fresh.

Plus, you get to grow amazing plants on it while drying your clothes simultaneously. It is really gorgeous.

Try this clothesline idea

18. The Country Clothesline

This clothesline is absolutely gorgeous with its details and being painted a clean white color. It really makes it stand out in a yard.

But I also love the size of it. If you are like me and have a larger family, then you need a larger clothesline for it to be functional.

Try this clothesline idea

19. The Decorative Clothesline

It doesn’t take much to add a little décor to your clothesline, as this one shows you. All you need to do is paint your post.

Then you can buy the decorative pieces to this clothesline and simply paint and attach them.

Try this clothesline idea

20. Clothesline with a Bench

This clothesline is unique while still keeping the traditional feel of a clothesline. It begins as two basic wooden posts with a clothesline hanging in between.

Then they added a bench. This bench would be a good spot to sit your basket when hanging or taking down clothes. It could be a resting spot, or even a spot to place a potted plant for décor.

Try this clothesline idea

21. DIY Clothesline Tutorial

Are you not really sure where to even begin to build a clothesline? That’s okay because you can still construct your own clothesline right in your backyard.

But now that job can be a little easier with this tutorial. It appears to be very detailed and can hopefully make the build a little easier.

Try this clothesline idea

22. Wooden Trellis Clothesline

wooden trellis clothesline ideaswooden trellis clothesline ideas

This is another wooden trellis clothesline. It has more of the traditional trellis feel to it as it uses lattice to make the trellis.

But it would definitely be a gorgeous way to disguise your clothesline in your yard. As well as help you to get your laundry dry.

Try this clothesline idea

23. The Stand Alone Pop Up Clothesline

fold up clothesline ideasfold up clothesline ideas

This clothesline is a unique idea. It begins as a clothesline that is held up by two posts and is folded flat.

Then you simply pull it out and it stands alone. That way you can take it up and down as you need it. Talk about a space saver.

Try this clothesline idea

24. The DIY Pulley Clothesline

At my old homestead, I had both the regular in-ground clothesline and a pulley clothesline. The pulley clothesline was definitely easy to use because it brought the clothes right to you.

Well, with this tutorial, you can have that same convenience when line-drying your clothes.

Try this clothesline idea

25. A Pretty Little Clothesline

This clothesline is a very traditional style of clothesline, but it still is gorgeous in my opinion. They give a great tutorial on how they accomplished this project.

But it appears that they went with two wooden posts in the ground. Then hung a clothesline in between. They added a basket to hold clothespins at one end and then a flower basket to the other end for looks.

Try this clothesline idea

26. A Simple Drying Rack

inhome clothesline ideasinhome clothesline ideas

This drying rack would be a great addition to any laundry room. You can use a wooden slab to attach to the ceiling.

Then hang a drying rack from it. It should be easy to reach, easy to use, and a definite space saver as well.

Try this clothesline idea

Well, you now have 26 ideas to inspire your future clothesline. Remember, line drying your clothes is a great way to get a little calming during your daily activities.

But it also is a great way to save some money on your electric bill. While it also uses less electricity which is great for being self-sustained and using fewer resources too.

clothesline ideas image cardclothesline ideas image card

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