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21 easy creative privacy fence design ideas – Wholehomekover


21 easy creative privacy fence design ideas

15 DIY Pallet Greenhouse Plans & Ideas That Are Sure to Inspire You

Do you all remember when we brought you the best of the internet’s free greenhouse plans?

Well, we realized that just because the plans were free, didn’t mean the materials would all be super affordable. Which kind of makes those projects a no-go for someone that is working on a tighter budget.

So we wanted to bring you a few affordable greenhouse options in hopes that even those on the tightest of budgets could still create a fully functional greenhouse.

But what is the best building materials that have both stability, functionality, and affordability in their corner? Pallets, of course!

Now, you all know how much I love pallets. They are usually pretty easy to find and though they can be challenging to work with at times, I think they are totally worth it because some gorgeous masterpieces come from them.

Which is why I’m bringing you some awesome plans to build a pallet greenhouse. They are affordable and gorgeous too. Which is why you’ll want to check this out.

Here is what I’ve come up with for pallet greenhouse plans and ideas:

But first…

Why Do You Need a Greenhouse?

I know some of you have seen some really great posts about some really awesome greenhouses and probably thought, “That’s really great, but do I really need a greenhouse?”

The answer: Yes! Yes, you do!

The reason is that greenhouses allow you to grow food during longer windows. If you live in colder climates, this can make all of the difference in your growing season. You can start some seeds earlier and grow some plants later.

Also, they allow you to prolong the life of your flowers too. Can you imagine being able to stroll out to your greenhouse when snow is on the ground and see some of your gorgeous fall flowers still making it?

Well, with a greenhouse (that has an artificial light and heat source) you could.

Finally, they are a great way to produce food over the winter, harden off your seedlings during the next growing season, and your tomatoes and peppers love the heat so they thrive in greenhouses.

But in case you needed more reasons as to why you would love a greenhouse, the character they bring to the property is a definite bonus.

So as you scroll through these greenhouse plans, know that (even if you live on a smaller plot of land) you could still totally pull off a greenhouse.

The Pallet Greenhouse Plans

1. The Cold Frame Greenhouse

I love the idea of a cold frame greenhouse. It is able to sustain life in colder than normal temperatures without any added energy source.

So this is a great option if you are someone that is living the off-grid lifestyle or if you would just like to have a simplified greenhouse set-up.

But these are even better because instead of being a large greenhouse, they are small cold frames that won’t take up a ton of space on your property.

Check out this pallet greenhouse

2. Pallet Greenhouse Cold Frame

This is another smaller greenhouse cold frame set-up. It is great for hardening off seeds, giving some plants an earlier growing season, and giving other plants a longer growing season.

So if you have a small open area in your yard, then you could easily construct this design for a greenhouse.

Though you’d have to basically work from the pictures instead of having an actual tutorial, if you have any building experience, you could probably figure this out.

Check out this pallet greenhouse

3. The Pallet Window Cold Frame

This is another pallet greenhouse idea. It doesn’t have a tutorial, but if you have any building experience, you’ll probably be able to figure this out.

So you’ll use the pallets to construct the box. Then use old windows to construct the doors on it so the sunlight can get through.

Again, this type of cold frame is great because it doesn’t take up a ton of space, but yet you can still grow plenty in them.

Check out this pallet greenhouse

4. The Pallet Garden Shed

I included this shed because, with a few more windows, you could potentially turn it into a really awesome looking greenhouse.

So it is constructed out of pallet wood. Then they added old windows and a tin roof to it as well.

Obviously, this would be a beautiful addition to most any home, and would definitely be a conversation piece, to say the least.

Check out this pallet greenhouse

5. The Pallet and Old Reclaimed Windows Greenhouse

This is another pallet greenhouse that is mainly meant for inspiration. It does not come with a tutorial of any kind.

But you can see by looking at the photo that it is constructed out of pallet wood. Then it has old windows in the design as well.

Also, it has a peak at the top of the roof where air can circulate, which is important in order for your plants to thrive.

Check out this pallet greenhouse

6. The Amish Cold Frame

This Amish cold frame design is really neat. You have your above ground planter box that is meant to neatly grow things.

Then you build this cover that goes over the top of the planter box.

However, it is on hinges so you can remove it when you want and place it back over the top of the planter box when you feel like your plants need coverage.

Check out this pallet greenhouse

7. The Big Recycled Greenhouse

Would you love to have a full-sized greenhouse that you could grow basically anything in it that you desired?

Well, if so, then this could be your greenhouse. It is large enough to grow quite a bit of produce and flowers.

But the cool thing is it is constructed completely of recycled materials. It looks really nice too.

Check out this pallet greenhouse

8. The $300 Pallet Greenhouse

This greenhouse is quite large and is built almost completely from recycled wood. Do you have a need for a large and functional greenhouse?

Well, then you’ll want to check out this design. Not to mention, it offers a great tutorial that also includes lots of pictures.

So this would be a greenhouse that you could get a pretty decent picture of what you’re trying to do before you ever begin the building process.

Check out this pallet greenhouse

9. The Pallet Urban Greenhouse

This is basically a table top greenhouse. It is really cool because no matter where you live, you could technically have a fully functioning greenhouse.

Plus, it is built from pallets so it should be cost effective too.

However, if you need help constructing a greenhouse, then this would be a good option for you because the tutorial is very thorough. She even has a video to help you along too.

Check out this pallet greenhouse

10. Pallet Barn or Greenhouse

These people needed a barn. So they took pallets and constructed a really nice one. Then they realized that it could also work well as a greenhouse.

So it became a multipurpose building. This idea doesn’t come with a tutorial, really, as it is part of a discussion forum instead of a formal blog.

Again, you’ll have to kind of go off of your building instincts to figure this one out. But if you are someone that has lots of carpentry experience, then that shouldn’t be a big issue to you.

Check out this pallet greenhouse

11. The Micro Gardener Greenhouse

This greenhouse is a larger cold frame that has been constructed from a couple of upcycled pallets. It actually looks really cool.

However, it would work well for those that want a little larger cold frame but don’t have room for a full blown greenhouse.

Yet, it appears that it could still grow large amounts of food if needed. So it is all about what style of greenhouse you like and how much room you have for one.

Check out this pallet greenhouse

12. Small Pallet Greenhouse

This is a fully functional walk-in greenhouse, and would you believe it is constructed from upcycled pallets?

I know, I wouldn’t have guessed it either. But I’m in love with the design of it since you can walk in it and also plant around the outside as well.

Plus, I think it is gorgeous and would be a nice addition to anyone’s yard or homestead. Who knew pallets could be so beautiful?

Check out this pallet greenhouse

13. The Scrap Greenhouse

This greenhouse is constructed from scraps. It is no small greenhouse and apparently, was no small build either.

Needless to say, this one does come with a tutorial. I wouldn’t want to take this project on without one.

But they divided it out into three videos to help you along with the process. So if you need a good sized greenhouse but don’t want to spend a fortune, then you’ll want to check this one out.

Check out this pallet greenhouse

14. The Pallet Racking Greenhouse

This greenhouse is constructed of pallet racking. Though the whole thing is not made of a pallet, the bones of the structure are.

Also, it doesn’t seem nearly as complicated to build as some since she says it goes together like a big erector set.

So if you’d like a greenhouse that will function for you and help you to grow a lot of beautiful plants, then you should really consider checking out these greenhouse plans.

Check out this pallet greenhouse

15. The Greenhouse Shed

This is another shed that could easily function as a greenhouse. It is absolutely gorgeous and constructed from pallets and old windows.

Then they placed a tin roof on top, but they didn’t stop there. Instead, they placed windows as skylights in the tin roof.

Now, this would not only look cool, but also help this building to function as a greenhouse as well. So if you want an attractive greenhouse in your yard, this could very well be it.

Check out this pallet greenhouse

Well, you now have a bunch of solid reasons why your yard could use the addition of a greenhouse. Plus, you have 15 inexpensive pallet greenhouse designs to choose from.

Hopefully, some of them will inspire you on your greenhouse journey. Remember, pallets are a great building source, and it is a great thing to be able to upcycle items as well.

But if you need to be able to locate pallets so you can take on any of these building projects, remember to check with your local businesses. They are usually happy to give pallets away so they don’t have to pay someone to recycle them. I hope this tip will help.

So now I want to hear from you. Do you have a greenhouse? How do you utilize it? Have you ever built a greenhouse from pallets? Do you have any pointers for those that are taking on this new challenge?

We love hearing from you so please leave us your thoughts in the space provided below.

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