15 Poses para que logres la foto más romántica con tu novio

15 Poses para que logres la foto más romántica con tu novio


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DIY Wine Barrel Outdoor Sink

Last Updated on October 2, 2018

Here’s  a great addition to your outdoor space. Why not turn an ordinary wine barrel into both a functional and decorative outdoor sink!

Wine, whiskey and brandy are stored in oak barrels to both age the contents and to add flavours that are absorbed from the oak staves. After a period of use, the surface has given all the tannins and flavinoids it can, and the staves need shaving back to fresh wood.

But stave shaving can only be done a couple of times before the barrels have given all there is to give. That’s the time you see them offered for sale. Amazon is a good place to find used wine barrels.

Granted that you already have used wine barrels, you can now start the conversion. You can use a variety of sinks and fittings that suit your budget and the look you desire.

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